10,000 Steps a Day?

A trending aspiration for many people today is to do 10,000 steps a day. This is equal to about 4-5 miles, about a 2 hour walk for most individuals. Where does this goal come from? Hundreds of years ago, distance was measured in steps. In fact, the word mile was meant to represent 1,000 paces where 2 steps equal a pace. The goal of 10,000 came about as a marketing ploy in 1965 by a Japanese clockmaker selling pedometers. But that many steps is not necessary to reap the rewards of good health. Science has since shown that a daily goal of around 5,000 steps has significant benefits to the heart, lowers risk of diabetes and death, improves the immune system and helps the psyche.  

With Fitbits, smartwatches and smart phones it’s become easier to track and reach this daily commitment to health.

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