Have a Healthy Resolve for 2017!

We care about you as patients and friends! Let's all lead healthy lives together in 2018!

  1. Quit smoking/chewing tobacco! Half a million North Americans die annually from tobacco-related disease. Seek out a pro-gram-or a patch-that suits you. Just do it.
  2. Brush after your last meal. Do that and your dental hygiene level more than doubles!
  3. Use tools-not teeth! Put an end to cutting thread and pulling staples with incisors. Leave that to scissors and staple removers!
  4. Get moving! Get off the couch and join the crowd. Check with your doctor—then hit the road, go square dancing, walk a few miles. Your heart, head and hips will thank you.
  5. Stop "eating sticky." Foods like caramels or dried fruit can be tough on teeth especially if you wear braces! Try fresh apricots instead.
  6. Spare those molars from ice-crushing duty. An ice cube's cold, hard surface can cause microscopic cracks in the enamel.
  7. Make seat belts automatic—‘nuff said!
  8. Get a mammogram...or a prostate exam if you're over 40.
  9. Focus on priorities—what really matters.
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