How we Manage Dental Emergencies

The dictionary defines an accident as an “unplanned event.” And when that “unplanned event”occurs unexpectedly in your mouth, it can be an unsettling experience. The team at this office understands. We’re committed to be there for you in case of emergency.

But it’s important to remember that there can be significant differences between a problem, an accident, and an emergency.

When a change of any sort takes place in your mouth, it’s natural to be concerned. In fact, it’s wise never to ignore warning signs just because they seem minor or endurable. But thankfully, not every one need be classified as an emergency.

Remember: whatever the problem, if you think it's an emergency—so do we!

Some emergencies need immediate attention while problems can usually wait for a day or two.

Don't hesitate to call us any time you think you're experiencing a dental emergency. We're available after hours at 541-779-9059.

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