Dental Emergencies Clip & Post

Courtesy of your dentists Drs. Abbett, McClay & Thompson.

If any of these occur, call & come in for an appointment as soon as possible! 541-779-9059

Aching Tooth–Rinse mouth vigorously with cool or warm water. If swelling is present, apply cold compress on the outside of the face. Never apply heat nor place aspirin on gum or tooth. Take Advil, aspirin or Tylenol for temporary pain relief.

Broken Filling/Chipped Tooth–Gently clean the tooth area with warm water. It’s not necessary to save the chip. Place cold compresses next to the injured tooth to minimize swelling. Place cotton, moistened with oil of cloves, on the tooth. For pain, take Advil, aspirin or Tylenol.

Bleeding/Swelling/Sensitive Gums–These are warning signs of gum disease. Rinse frequently with warm, salt water (1/2 tsp. salt, 8 oz. water). Brush & floss even if bleeding occurs.

Loose Crown or Bridge–Remove the crown or bridge. Rinse it out, fill it with Vaseline and carefully replace in your mouth. Call our office immediately for an appointment. Be careful not to bend or bite on the crown or bridge in the mouth until it's re-cemented.

Knocked-out Tooth–Find your tooth. If it’s dirty, don’t scrub or “clean.” Rinse it off with warm water. Put your tooth inside your mouth or in a glass of milk to keep it wet. GET TO A DENTIST IMMEDIATELY. It’s possible to save lost teeth, but time is of the essence. No more than 45 minutes should elapse between when the tooth comes out of the gum and when the dentist re-implants it.

Broken Denture/Bridge–Save all the pieces. Don’t try to repair it yourself with “fix-it-kits” or glue. Amateur repairs can ruin them.

Painful Infected Tooth–Tooth sensitivity to temperature and pressure along with fever, swelling, and pain indicates a tooth infection or abscess. An abscess is a serious problem that will never go away by itself. Ice or ice water can give some temporary relief.  

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