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Dietary Inflammation

What You Eat Can Cause Inflammation and Pain 

Over 3 million Americans are gluten-intolerant and most of them are never diagnosed. What is gluten-intolerance? It’s the body’s in ability to break down wheat protein. When they eat food with gluten the body produces inflammatory agents—cytokines. For many individuals this can be very severe, causing joint pain, arthritis, gum disease, digestive irritation and many other inflammatory responses. 

Besides the obvious wheat (barley and rye) and any grain products, other gluten villains are salad dressings, beer, soy sauce, deli meat and snack chips. In a 14 week study participants with many different inflammatory conditions were put on a gluten-free diet. Almost all saw symptoms improve. It’s important to know that products labeled “Gluten-Free” may still contain some gluten used as thickeners. 

—“Dr. Gloria-Health Detective” on 

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