Flash Your Smile—Not your Silver!

Which would you rather hear: “Wow, your smile looks terrific!”…or… “Wow, looks like you’ve been seeing the dentist a lot!” No contest, right?

For over a hundred years, restorative dentistry has been a compromise between what holds up under pressure in the mouth and what looks like a natural tooth. For more than a century that compromise was best represented by amalgam (you’d call them “silver”) fillings.

Amalgam fillings continue to be a strong, reliable, relatively inexpensive response to a damaged tooth. But now there’s another option: composite, or “white” fillings. They’re a mixture of resin and finely ground glass-like particles and are as durable as amalgam…but without that metal-mouth look. More and more of our patients are opting for the natural tooth appearance of composites.

We can do virtually anything with composites that we can with silver amalgam—from repairing a minor defect to restoring a decayed tooth. Because no metal’s involved, there’s no concern for the potential of health hazards or allergies that sometimes accompany silver fillings. And just like traditional amalgam fillings, composites can be placed in just one appointment.

Best of all, composites let you flash your smile—without the silver!

More of our patients are opting for the natural tooth appearance of composites.

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