Keep the Magic in the Holiday

For the kids, the season’s excitement is triggered by colored lights, spicy aromas, tunes heard just once a year, and the anticipation of fun fun FUN. Everything moves at warp speed as they make their wishes on a star and prepare for a holiday from school. For you, the hands on the clock spin around as you prepare to cook, clean and welcome guests and and AND …

You—yes, you!—can enjoy the season while making it memorable for your family and loved ones. Try these tips for keeping yourself sane and your family joyful.

  • Get the kids up at the same time each morning, and to bed at a consistent hour each night.
  • Keep meals as regular as possible. Insist that everyone sit down for a family meal—with conversation—at least once each week. These conversations are a great time to learn whether any of the family traditions ought to be replaced with something new.
  • Hang onto good habits. If you offer candy, also offer a reminder to brush the teeth afterward.
  • Balanced meals need not be elaborate. Be sure to add veggies for example.
  • Work together on a project to benefit someone less fortunate.

It’s the season of magic and miracles. Enjoy!

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