The Sunnier Side of Humpty Dumpty!

Ever since Humpty Dumpty, the egg has never been quite what it’s cracked up to be.

Most recently, eggs have been targeted as a cholesterol-increasing feast. That’s not the truth. Yes, egg yokes do have an high cholesterol content—about 210 milligrams. But the fact is, cholesterol in the food we eat may raise blood cholesterol in only one out of three people. Not only that, some egg studies suggest that dietary cholesterol causes the body to produce more HDL (or good) cholesterol.

A 1999 Harvard University study involving nearly 120,000 men and women concluded that there was no connection between eating an egg a day and heart disease— except in people with diabetes. Plus, the unsaturated fats and B vitamins in eggs may even be beneficial to heart health.

So, why the bad rap on eggs? Because it tends to be the whole breakfast— bacon, sausage, cheese, biscuits, butter—is full of saturated fats that can raise blood cholesterol and contribute to heart disease.

So go ahead, crack an egg and enjoy breakfast. Just remember, it’s Humpty’s unsavory companions that can give the most trouble.

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