The New Year gives us another chance to shed bad habits and start living a better life. Improve your odds of keeping your resolutions by making them specific and adding rewards.

  • Don’t vow to “lose weight and get fit.” Instead, resolve to lose one dress size. Promise yourself a new outfit when you reach the new size, something stylish you can wear to go dancing or hiking or swimming. Fitness can be fun.
  • Instead of just planning to “learn something new” focus your attention on what intrigues you most and read a book, take a class, or buy a how-to video. Use your newfound knowledge to improve your world.
  • Everyone resolves to eat healthier, right? Examine your present habits to see where temptations lie and make small changes. Buy fresh veggies and meats, for example, instead of microwave food. You’ll be surprised at how much that reduces your intake of sodium and saturated fat—and your waistline.
  • We’d love you to resolve to brush and floss after every meal, of course. But we’ll be delighted if you take even small steps in that direction, especially if you’re careful to keep your dental hygiene appointments. And please remember to keep a tool kit handy so that your teeth need not function as screwdrivers, bottle-openers or fishing line clippers.
  • Tobacco kills. You can quit and you know you should. Be a hero to your family and yourself. The extra years of life will be reward enough.

We care about you as patients and friends! Let’s all lead healthy lives together in 2018.

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