Surviving Cancer

Diagnosis of cancer is not an automatic death sentence. Each year brings a new crop of survivors.


Breast Cancer treatment options have multiplied, especially for early stage cancers.Women, particularly those over 40, should perform self-examinations monthly, two to three days after your period. Use your finger pads, not finger tips.

Men can get breast cancer, although it’s rare. Stay alert to changes, whatever your gender.

Detecting oral cancer is tricky. Red velvety patches on the lining of your mouth or throat resemble canker sores. Other symptoms are white or gray patches inside your mouth or sores that don’t heal.

Keeping your regular dental appointments is a first step toward nipping this in the bud. We may see your symptoms before you do, thus saving your life. One-third of the 28,000 new cases diagnosed every year prove fatal. The typical victim is male, over 45, a tobacco user and heavy drinker.


Make us a part of your recovery team before therapy begins. Your mouth will help you heal, so get a pre-therapy cleaning. We’ll work with your doctor to schedule the order of treatments and eliminate or minimize oral infections, abscesses, cavities and gum disease possible.

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