Your Teeth Age Too

Along with those gray hairs and inevitable smile lines, your mouth undergoes natural changes over the years, as well. Among them:

  • Cutting edge of teeth are worn flat by chewing or grinding.
  • Jawbones supporting teeth or dentures can shrink by as much as two-thirds!
  • Tooth enamel becomes thinner, more brittle, more translucent.
  • The intricate jaw and muscle network (Temporomandibular joint diminishes.)

It’s a fact that as we grow older, changes in our mouth, gums, and jawbone do occur. But neglect—not age—is the main cause of tooth loss. While it’s true that the over-45 age group is more susceptible to oral diseases, aging and disease, are not on and the same. Most problems can be prevented by a regimen of careful daily home care of your teeth, a healthy diet and lifestyle, and regular dental examinations.

Whatever the condition of your teeth, a great deal can be done now to beautify, strengthen, and support them. Dentistry can help improve your appearance. Not all of these treatments are right for everyone. If you would like to know what specific dental procedures will help give your looks a lift, please ask us.

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